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The Advanced Services Group (ASG), part of Aston Business School, is helping companies to future proof their businesses through servitization. Fully funded and free to SMEs, the Growth Programme will help companies grow revenues, improve margins, strengthen customer relationships and become more competitive. 

The ASG provides education, training, research and a global network of like-minded professionals around advanced services and servitization. They have worked with over 200 businesses, including Baxi, Domino Printing Sciences, Ishida, Legrand, Thales and Waters, as well as a multitude of SMEs, who have both informed and benefited from their research.

Kicking off on 22nd October 2020, and due to finish in December 2021, ASG SME Partnership will hold a series of online workshops and offer 1-2-1 business support that helps companies develop their business models to fit the changing times. 

In the four two and half hour workshops, ASG will help SMEs get to grips with the concept of servitization and how they can implement this into their business strategy. 

The manufacturing industry has shown a clear shift in a focus from products and production to building revenue streams through services. This is usually implemented through software and innovative technology that help businesses establish better relationships with their customers, providing better service. 

Many companies have started their servitization journey by increasing the range of services they offer, such as spare parts, helpdesk, periodic maintenance, repair and overhaul. The ASG believes that these ‘intermediate’ services can capture revenue throughout the lifetime of the product and help retain customers for future sales. 

The implementation of servitization is beneficial to manufacturers due to improved commercial resilience, enhanced customer intimacy and growth in revenue. This also helps companies become more environmentally friendly as they adopt new and cleaner technologies. Danny Harrison, Programme Manager at The Advanced Services Group (ASG) says:

“Servitization is about manufacturers exploring the space between their products and customers and growing their revenue streams through services. 

It means manufacturers and technology companies finding different ways to innovate in response to their customers' needs. It enables smoother cash flow, financial resilience and sustainability, and opportunities for growth.” 

ASG has helped over 300 businesses, created 150 jobs and helped produce £30M in added gross value. 

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